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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Press Release, Ronin GPNS Leadership Campaign, 4 August 2009

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE DATELINE: Pugwash River, August 4, 2009

Sebastian Ronin
216 Stewart Road, Pugwash River, NS, B0K 1L0

Cumberland County Resident Announces Green Party Leadership Bid

Former Pictou County resident, now living in Cumberland County, Sebastian Ronin, has announced his intent to seek the leadership of the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

In light of the controversy and public skepticism surrounding the GPNS which came to light during the recent provincial election, Mr. Ronin proposes a major overhaul for the party. This would include a re-invention of the party’s philosophy and policies and a re-positioning of the party with the Nova Scotia electorate.

“The most important message for the GPNS to relay to the people of Nova Scotia at this time is the Peak Oil message,” claims Mr. Ronin. “It is the primary global condition through which all of the party’s policies must be filtered. The social and economic consequences of Peak Oil trump those of global warming and climate chaos by several decades.”

“To advocate a smooth transition to a post-industrial way of life without severe social dislocations is a political lie,” says Mr. Ronin. “The time to act and prepare is now.”

Mr. Ronin proposes that the natural support base for the GPNS is rural Nova Scotia. He further claims that rural Nova Scotians have an obligation to themselves and to their families to support a revitalized Nova Scotia Green Party. He claims that with the decimation of the Progressive Conservatives and a four-year time line to work with, the opportunity for rural Nova Scotians to re-invent the GPNS has never been better.

“The rebirth of the GPNS can begin in what I refer to as The Northumberland Triangle,” said Mr. Ronin. “It takes in that rural and jurisdictional area connected by Amherst-New Glasgow-Truro. It can spread to the rest of rural Nova Scotia from there. Except for a handful of university students, forget HRM. It is Orange and will remain to be so.”

One of Mr. Ronin’s planks in support of his intent to bring the GPNS to rural Nova Scotia is to have the party's central office re-located to Truro.

Mr. Ronin has released a 30-point platform which is available for public view at the GPNS forum at:

Two major elements of political re-invention that Mr. Ronin proposes to bring to the GPNS are a constitutional de-coupling from the Global Green Charter and a necessary distancing from the federal Green Party of Canada. "The optics of both suck," claims Mr. Ronin.

Mr. Ronin says that his proposals are being fought by a significant proportion of the “old guard” in the GPNS.

"Rural Nova Scotians will understand Peak Oil immediately,” claims Mr. Ronin, “If the tank is half-empty, then it's half-empty. Why supposed Greens cannot or will not understand that the natural support base for a Green party lies in rural districts is beyond me,” he says. “I cannot fathom it.”

For all rural Nova Scotians who might be interested in supporting Mr. Ronin’s leadership bid at the Green Party’s AGM slated for mid-October, he requests that he be contacted by email at: A dedicated campaign forum can be visited at:



  1. 8,08,09
    I am posting this on several sites I am interested in; I wish there was more activity on all of them! Is everyone as preoccupied as I
    am, including the sponsor?

    I do check your site, and wish I had the time to be more involved. When you are surrounded by dysfunctional people, in a state which
    brags of its Equality, but in fact has none; you must spend the most Energy on those you LOVE and are the closest/most in need of support!

    My biggest fear is that when the break up occurs there will be many more fragments as unjust/or more so, than Wyoming; read about
    Arkansas during & after our Civil war.
    We must all be Dependent, or become states unto ourselves; where we Kill even those closest to us in our SELFISH shortsightedness.

    May your every thought/action be Constructive and Positive; there is a difference, depending on your point of view?!

    Always for the Brightest FUTURE, there is more truth/knowledge than any one of us can know; we can not force it upon anyone!!
    Just share what we have. PLEASE Expose yourself!!

  2. congrats on the joining the leadership race.

    I've looked at your platform and I'm quite pleased to see some focus on peak oil and relocalization, this is not a political issue based on ideals but rather a survival issue that people need to become aware of and prepare. The problem however is no one wants to hear bad news and repackaging the message to show the opportunites without fear mongering is always difficult.

    I also agree that rural people, by their closer connection to the land should be a stong demographic for the green party. While fiscally conservative policy should echo with them I find they fear social progressiveness and change, I've talked to farmers about localization, monocroping, pesticide use and get a very resounding "this is how we do things and don't think you tin foil hat types can tell me how to farm". Funny they addapted to mega farming without a hassle but suggest they farm like their ancestors did for millenia and they freak on you!

    Most small c conservatives are also not Libertarian enough to support drug reform and other percieved "left issues" despite studies showing pot is less harmful than tobacco and alchohol to both your body and society in general.

    I do not think being linked to "truthers", changing Earth to Gaia, or promoting secessionism will improve Green Credibility. Further I believe that questioning fiat currency and promoting silver investments(as much as I agree you are right) will not play well with the mainstream. If your intent is to lose but educate, fine! but if you intend on winning(leadership or a seat) I would respectfuly suggest you drop these issues that will cost you more votes than they gain.

    Local currency and banking can be packaged much better as local enpowerment without talk of cartels and fiat money.

    The idea of local agricultural colleges is great but only if they have a mandate to teach sustainable rather than industrial farming practices.

    I agree that no Canadian green party should be tied closely to the global charter, Canadians are not as radical as Europeans and we need to have enough freedom to find what works for us. Personaly I think that greens through talk of localization, internal sustainability, return of post oil manufacturing could play a nationalist, or regionalist card that others shun and make some real gains.

    If I could find work out there I'd love to take your grant money and move to a rural area.

    Something I'd add would be building a provincial/regional strategic stockpile. While we won't run out of fuel immediately you never know when an " issue" might cause a regional shortage. The Canadian Gov won't do it but perhaps the province should have a stockpile of oil, NG, and build a small strategic reserve of industrial metals which would give businesses a sense of security to set up local manufacturing in the what will eventually become an era of peak everything.