Coywolves have the wolf characteristics of pack hunting and aggression and the coyote characteristics of lack of fear of human-developed areas. They seem to be bolder and more intelligent than regular coyotes.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Green Parties: A Shade of Bilderberg

On October 11, 2008 I published a post entitled Green Caveat Emptor. From the post: "Due to the Green global political agenda, what is most disturbing is the likelihood of the movement being a patsy for the Bilderberg Group."

With the global mandate of the Greens as per the Global Greens Charter, it was fair hypothetical comment to make. The hypothesis is now fact. On the list of attendees for Bilderberg 2009 held last week in Greece appears the name of Cem Ozdemir, Co-Leader of the German Green Party. One has to wonder if Mr. Ozdemir found himself seated beside Henry Kissinger and if their chit-chat may have touched upon the notion of useless eaters.

As things would have it, one day prior to gaining this knowledge I had just fired up a new Forum called Black Greens (blog to follow, this being the first post) with the following mission tangents: Anarcho-Libertarian Roots, Post-Peak Oil Collapse, Life Boat Politics, Rough vs. Smooth Transition, Decentralization, Re-localization, Federal Party Censure, Bioregional Secession.

I guess there are no accidents and everything is always right on schedule. Nature carries a simple rule: adapt or perish. If NAmerican Greens can continue to embrace their political naivety is doubtful.

Monday, May 11, 2009

The Secessionist Convergence Triad

One of the most profound statements to come out of the 2007 Second North American Secessionist Convention held in Chattanooga, as reported by Bill Poovey, was that the movement represented the unlikely partnering of "the far left and far right of American politics coming together." The statement went largely unnoticed; however, it is the philosophical core of the proposed North American Secessionist Congress.

Of the many political illusions that are currently being shattered by the decline of industrial civilization (the collapse of the American Empire is a sub-collapse), two of the most important are the shattering of the two-party system and the shattering of the political notions of “left” and “right.” The symbolic emperor literally wears no clothes!

The political notions of “left” and “right” are in process of being denuded; they still hold significant sway in the public consciousness. Until such time as the two hemispheres converge and, in the process shatter pre-existing molds, the dynamic of far left and far right coming together retains its hold in the public psyche.

It has been proposed that the three political demographics encompassing the secessionist convergence triad are the States’ Rights movement, the Peak Oil movement, and disenchanted Greens. Each demographic recognizes, to one extent or another, the common denominator of secession.

The States’ Rights movement flirts with secession, up to and including the insertion of secession trigger clauses in resolutions. The Peak Oil movement acknowledges institutional collapse and devolution, while still weakly maintaining that such institutional collapse, i.e. secession, does not apply to the social institution of the large industrial nation state. Disenchanted Greens acknowledge the primacy of bioregional, secessionist politics in the face of bastardized federal parties. Within each demographic there reside minority cadres who will perceive the secessionist common denominator and political logic as put forward by the proposed North American Secessionist Congress.

For sake of argument, the convergence may roughly constitute the following breakdown: States’ Rights advocates (political right, 50% of convergence total); Peak Oilers (political left, 30% of convergence total); disenchanted Greens (political left, 20% of convergence total).

So there we have the unlikely partnering of "the far left and far right of American politics coming together." The historical condition always dictates what can and cannot be done. The trick is to perceive the condition for what it is, without resorting to subjective and jingoistic security blankets, and act accordingly.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

North American Secessionist Congress, Update

It has been decided to bump the inaugural meeting of the North American Secessionist Congress from October, 2009 to October, 2010. As Steering Committee member Harold Thomas of The Ohio Republic put it, “Secessionism isn’t ready, we’re not ready, and the world isn’t ready.”

Towards this end, a forum/network has been started for the North American Secessionist Congress. Please consider becoming a member of the forum so that we can entertain as much input as possible to pull this thing off in 2010.

Retreat is never surrender. It is merely a tactical necessity at times. The trudge continues.