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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Obama Victory

The lollipop of “change” has been offered to the American people and they have taken it, hook, line and sinker, i.e. President, Senate and House. After all, relative to: 1. the eight years of the Bush Administration; 2. the construct of social and political reality as cooked by the corporate media, and; 3. the limited scope of perception and understanding that are part-and-parcel of the spectacle of mass, large-scale democracy, how could the decision have been otherwise?

Change, no doubt, is in store in spades. The deck chairs on the Titanic have merely been switched from red to blue. Nothing changes, except for the spin. Relative to the global context, the change of administrations is about as relative (and analogous) as a change of diapers.

Democrat or Republican administration, the evolving condition remains the same: industrial empire collapse, a choking planet, financial meltdown and bleeding of the middle class, global military positioning, Peak Oil, 9/11 Truth, North American Union, etc., etc.

For NAmerican secessionists it's business as usual.

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  1. Really great blog! We all know 9-11 was set-up by the U.S. Government.

    Please review our website at your earliest convenience. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.


    Adam Vohrer
    Vice President

    Citizens Committee for Restructured Government (CCRG)