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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NAmerican Secession Hits the L.A. Times

Here's a great article on NAmerican secession by Kristopher Ketchum published to-day in the Los Angeles Times. It is further acknowledgement of the secessionist movement by the mainstream media since the secessionist ties of Gov. Sarah Palin were revealed. There is no such thing as bad publicity.

Mr. Ketchum offers a generic and somewhat limited overview of NAmerican secession, yet still a good piece for public consumption. As example, he limits the notion of Cascadia to the states of Washington and Oregon, disqualifying altogether the inclusion of British Columbia. Unfortunately, such myopia is also shared by too many NAmerican secessionists. Although the terms of reference for NAmerican secession are given limited and qualified verbal acknowledgement, the philosophical perception and sentiment fall far short of actually owning the terms of reference. The Chatanooga Declaration itself clearly exposes this blind spot.

In time, this shortcoming will no doubt be addressed and corrected. This will be necessary to do not only to recognize the continental dynamic of secession but, more importantly, to safeguard and build upon the strategic importance of a continental scope. Should the movement fall short in owning such scope then, alas, it will be left with just one more ethnocentric overture masquerading as revolutionary exuberance. In the words of James Howard Kuntsler, the secessionist movement will be straddled and doomed with "the banality of American exceptionalism."

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